Biden Border Crisis Floods Denver, Spills into CO-08

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – The Biden Administration’s handmade border crisis is already costing taxpayers $451 BILLION each year, but every town is a border town in Biden’s America. Northern Colorado is no exception.

Mayors of five sanctuary states, including Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, flew to DC a few weeks ago because their cities are being overwhelmed by the flood of illegal immigrants. 

Denver has run out of shelters to put illegal immigrants in, and has been housing them in motels, including the Comfort Inn on East 58th Avenue off I-25. Problem? That Comfort Inn is not in Denver, it’s in Adams County. If you’re asking how Adams County officials allowed this, the answer is simple: Denver officials never notified county officials of this plan. It was discovered by local authorities after the fact when they were told Adams County would be responsible for providing proof of care for illegal immigrants they never agreed to shelter.

In a statement about the flow of illegal immigrants into Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, Scott James said, “Once border states started sending busloads of illegal immigrants to Denver, it was only a matter of time before they came to Northern Colorado. Our resources should be focused on tackling the growing drug epidemic, homelessness, and mental health crisis our state and country are facing. Instead, Coloradans are paying the price for Yadira Caraveo’s vote to keep our southern border open and allow this historic crisis to rage on. Denver made their bed with their sanctuary city policies and now they must lie in it. Northern Colorado cannot and will not save the day for failing policies that encourage folks to cross into our country illegally.” 

The migrant crisis isn’t just affecting big cities, but it’s bleeding into our small towns. In the past year, 2.4 million people have come in through the southwest border. Biden has made it clear that he won’t change his policies, which means it’s up to the voters to change our leaders. 

Thankfully, Scott James doesn’t care about the political games people in DC like to play. He wants what’s best for the people of Colorado, especially those in the 8th District. Small town Coloradans know that when they send Scott to Congress, he’ll vote to secure our border and ensure American tax dollars are working for the folks here at home.