Colorado Sanctuary City Asks Taxpayers for a $5 BILLION Bandaid

Yeah, you read that right. A Colorado sanctuary city is asking for taxpayers to foot the bill to deal with the illegal immigration crisis that has hit his city. 

On Thursday, Mayor Mike Johnston of Denver traveled to the White House with other mayors from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston to – get this – not implore Joe Biden and the White House to finally put an end to the ongoing border crisis that has plagued our country for years, but to create a process of distributing illegal immigrants, increase the turnaround time for work authorization, and most importantly, lobby the administration to turn a proposed $1.4 billion in funding for local municipalities into $5 billion. 

The problem? As Scott James, candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District puts it, “it’s like trying to bail out a flooded basement with a thimble.” 

Mayor Johnston has openly embraced Denver’s sanctuary city status, but with homelessness and other issues on the rise across the city, it’s clear we need to take care of our own before we start bending over backwards for those who have entered our country illegally. 

In response to Mayor Johnston’s trip to the White House, Scott James released the following statement on the nature of the visit: 

“ Our border is in crisis. Not only do we not know who is crossing into our country, which is a national security concern, but with busloads of illegal immigrants heading to Colorado, it’s also putting a strain on localities to prioritize issues like homelessness, the opioid epidemic, and more. Instead of trying to bail out a flooded basement with a thimble by forcing Colorado taxpayers to foot the $5 billion bandaid for his sanctuary city policies, I implore Mayor Mike Johnston to focus on advocating for real policies that will stop the flow of illegal immigration and prioritize Coloradans for a change.”