ICYMI: Republican Scott James Highlights Run for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District on Real America’s Voice

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – On Wednesday, Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, Scott James, joined John Solomon and Amanda Head on Real America’s Voice to talk about the need to bring small town sensibility to Washington D.C. 


James talked about the importance of knowing the folks in Colorado’s 8th Congressional District and understanding the issues that matter the most to them: 

By profession, I’m a radio broadcaster. If you’ve done any sort of media, you have a boss, you have a program director in a radio sense who says ‘go out and find out who your audience is and picture them in your mind’s eye when you have a conversation with them.’ I get that picture by going, at about 6:40 in the morning to a given convenience store. You’ll go there and see a guy in a white diesel pick up getting his monster and breakfast burrito and go to work in the oil fields. You’ll see that by the teacher who put $20 worth of gas in his car and it’s just not going to take him as far. By the mom that’s picking up the loaf of bread she forgot and is gassed by the price. You’ll see it in the truck driver who is getting a cup of coffee. 

Those are the people who exist in the 8th Congressional District. We’re going to have a conversation with them about common sense values. About pragmatism that gets things done in Washington D.C. They know darn good and well their voices aren’t being heard; my tactic, my strategy so to speak, is to use the voice I’ve been given to make their voices heard in Washington D.C.” 

In addition to his race, James also spent time talking about the Trump indictment, Bidenomics and the nation’s downgraded credit rating, and the controversy around Jason Aldean’s latest song. Check out his full interview above.