ICYMI: Scott James Addresses Mental Health Crisis in America

In response to the tragic mass shooting in Maine that took 18 people away from their families and injured dozens more, candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, Scott James, is calling for a renewed focus on mental health funding and infrastructure. 


In a heartfelt video message, Scott James expressed his deep concern and sadness over the tragedy, underlining the pressing need to equip and empower our law enforcement officers to protect society from those with ill intent. However, he also stressed the importance of focusing on the issues that weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of individuals involved.

“As we have this conversation as an American people, there are many who will want to focus on what was in the individual’s hands. We need to focus on what was in their head and the burdens on their hearts. I’m talking, of course, about the mental and behavioral health epidemic in this nation,” said James.

Scott James, a dedicated advocate for investing in mental and behavioral health care systems, has consistently worked to ensure that parents and individuals can access the care they need to maintain their mental and behavioral well-being. Recognizing the broken state of the mental health system in Colorado and the nation, James recently testified before the interim committee on Child Welfare at the Colorado State Capitol.

He addressed the importance of implementing a system of care legislation in Weld County, which is hoped to be presented during the upcoming legislative session, providing crucial support for parents and children seeking mental and behavioral health care.

“As a Weld County Commissioner, I take pride in building physical infrastructure, but we need to invest in the human infrastructure that exists in the state and this nation,” James acknowledged. “Let’s have that conversation about mental and behavioral health.”

As a candidate for the United States Congress, Scott James is committed to advancing the dialogue on mental and behavioral health at the national level. His unwavering dedication to addressing these critical issues underscores his campaign’s mission.