ICYMI: Scott James Covers Jason Aldean and Race for CO-08 on Breitbart News Daily

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – In case you missed it, Scott James, the Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, joined Brett Winterble on Breitbart Daily News last week to talk about the controversy around Jason Aldean’s latest single and his race for Congress.

As a country music radio host for the last 40 years, James noted in his interview that while CMT’s decision to pull Aldean’s “Try This in a Small Town” was expected, the response from fans wasn’t surprising either. 

“You have CMT, who’s owned by the MTV Networks, who are headquartered out of New York. And you have New York City attorneys that do what New York City attorneys do – they minimize risk. So they took a look at something like this, you have the usual chorus of .orgs and those who were offended stand up and say ‘this song offends us.’ New York City attorneys minimize risk, they pull it from the audience, and guess what happens? When you forget who your audience is, you lose your audience, and your audience loses their mind. As a guy who’s been honored to sit behind a country radio microphone for decades, the audience is more than just what a typical radio audience is. The audience embraces music not only as something that entertains them, but is truly reflective of their lifestyle… when you pull a song, you pull a part of them.” 

In fact, James said that it’s the people in small towns that inspired his run for Congress in the first place. 

“I get this unique opportunity…  I have lived with, laughed with, served these people for over three decades, and I can tell you that the concerns are growing about the fact that we have been forgotten about in Washington D.C… I get no better image of my audience than when I go to Kum & Go’s, or Loaf ‘n Jug’s, or your local convenience store. You go in there about 6:45 in the morning and you’ll see the guy with a diesel pickup idling out in the parking lot, who works in the oil field, who’s going in to get a Monster and breakfast burrito. You see the truck driver who’s going in to get a cup of coffee. You see the teacher that’s got a strained look on his face cause $20 in his tank doesn’t get him near as far as it used to. You see what I call the folks, and those folks have been forgotten about in Washington D.C.” 

James also chimed in on the two tiers of justice that seem to be playing out in Hunter Biden’s legal troubles, stating in part: 

“You wanna talk about one of the biggest concerns of the people in small towns, people here in the 8th Congressional District of Colorado is what is obviously now a two-tiered justice system. There is not equal justice under the law. Through the entire Civil Rights movement, a conversation that we continue to have today, we accepted that there should be equal justice under the law. But that justice is no longer a concern of the color of your skin, that justice is a concern of your political ilk, of your connections to the largess in Washington D.C. People in the 8th Congressional District and the small towns thereof know right is right and wrong is wrong. If any of us in Johnstown or Frederick or Firestone, CO would’ve done the things that Hunter Biden has done, we would be sitting in jail.” 

Catch Scott James’ full interview with Brett Winterble here