ICYMI: Scott James Joins “John Solomon Reports” to Highlight Run for CO-08

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – In case you missed it, Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, Scott James, joined Investigative Journalist John Solomon on his podcast “John Solomon Reports” last week to highlight a number of issues that are on the minds of voters as he campaigns across northern Colorado. 

James weighed in on a number of issues ranging from the economy to Afghanistan, but ultimately shared what he’s hearing on the campaign trail from Colorado voters: 

“People know they’re being lied to,” James said. “They’re tired of it. They look back to Washington D.C. and say ‘these people don’t represent us.’ I’ll give you the Jason Aldean situation, the Bud Light situation, the Target situation, the new guy… Oliver Anthony, this situation. There’s an interesting counterculture taking place and it’s not the counterculture of the 60’s and Bob Dylan, this is the counterculture of the common working person that is so repleted in the 8th Congressional District, they’re being lied to and they’re being played for chumps and people are standing up and saying ‘no more.’” 

James also discussed why he decided to jump into the race for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District. 

“I felt like I personally was not receiving adequate representation in the House of Representatives. There was a lot of excitement when we drew this new district in the state of Colorado; the 8th Congressional District is the new one and we thought here is an opportunity to receive representation that’s unique to the 8th Congressional District. It’s kind of the north metro area, goes up the I-25 corridor, one of the most rapidly growing areas in the nation. It encompasses Greeley, which is a Weld County seat. It is truly diverse. It goes from true suburban, just suburbs of Denver into that which is rural and agricultural Weld County. It’s rich with energy, it’s rich with oil and gas, it’s rich with ag and those perspectives are simply not being represented in the House of Representatives.” 

As noted by Solomon, the 8th Congressional District will be a must watch race as Republicans look to expand their majorities in 2024 and Scott James is the candidate to do it. 

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