Scott’s answer on Immigration

Hey Scott, I’m deeply concerned about the crisis at the border. What is your plan to help resolve it?

-Mary, Johnstown

Scott’s answer on Taxes / Regulations

Dear Scott, I run a small business, and every year it seems that I pay more and more in taxes and have more rules to jump through. What would you do to help me and so many other Coloradans like me who feel like we are being crushed?

-Thomas, Mead

Scott’s answer on Education

Hello Scott. I have young children in school and I am very concerned about what I’m seeing happening in public schools. How do we fix our public schools so I don’t have to worry about what my children are being taught?

-Michael, Thornton

Scott’s answer on Foreign Policy

Dear Scott, with the war in Ukraine and the growing tensions with China, what role do you think the U.S. should have in these and any world issues?

-Jennifer, Brighton

Scott’s answer on Spending / Inflation

Scott, it seems like I’m paying more for even the simplest things like food and gas, and I know I’m not alone. What can we do to get these prices under control?

-Linda, Evans

Scott’s answer on Energy

Dear Scott, I love the natural beauty of Colorado, and appreciate all that has been done to preserve it, but my energy bills have been going up and its getting harder and harder to afford to live here. There has to be a middle ground where we aren’t priced out of living here?

-Ryan, Milliken

Scott’s answer on Economy

Hey Scott, In the last few years I’ve seen more stores, and my favorite mom and pop shops, going out of business and they don’t seem to be coming back. What is your plan to bring businesses back to Colorado?

-Jessica, Greeley

Scott’s answer on Second Amendment

Hi Scott, I’m not an avid sportsman or hunter, but don’t mind that others exercise their right to own guns. Can you tell me what you see as the purpose of the 2nd Amendment?

-Scott, Commerce City

Scott’s answer on Agriculture

Dear Scott, I have a question, with so much of our economy moving to tech jobs and service jobs, what role do you see Colorado’s farmers having in the economy?

-Kevin, Westminster

Scott’s answer on Transparency / Communication

Hello Scott, What can we do to get straight answers out of Washington D.C.?

-Susan, Frederick