Mayor Mark Clark of Evans Endorses Scott James for Congress

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – Scott James, a Weld County Commissioner and candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District is excited to announce that Mayor Mark Clark of Evans is  endorsing his bid for the U.S. House of Representatives. Mayor Clark has worked with Scott for years and can testify to his dedication to local control, small-town values, and his collaborative efforts for the betterment of Northern Colorado.

In his official statement, Mayor Clark shared why he is endorsing Scott James, saying, “It is my pleasure to endorse Scott James in his run for U.S. Congress. For years I have witnessed Scott’s dedication to local control and small-town values. Together we have worked diligently to further economic and workforce development, fought against bloated government encroachment, and cooperated regionally for the betterment of Northern Colorado as a whole. I trust that Scott will continue his good work in Washington DC; we need him elected for all of us.”

In response to the endorsement, Scott had this to say: “It’s an honor to get an endorsement from someone like Mayor Clark, who I’ve spent years working with to help our respective communities. As we move forward, I am inspired and committed to continuing this work in Washington D.C., advocating for our community and its residents. ”

The endorsement from Mayor Mark Clark adds to a growing list of supporters for Scott James’ campaign. As the election approaches, James remains focused on his commitment to representing the interests and values of Colorado’s 8th Congressional District.