Mayor of Kersey Gary Lagrimanta Endorses Scott James for Congress

Scott James, a Weld County Commissioner and candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, is honored to announce the endorsement of Mayor Gary Lagrimanta of Kersey. Mayor Lagrimanta’s endorsement is yet another reminder of James’s commitment to representing the voices and values of the small town folks who live in Northern Colorado

Mayor Gary Lagrimanta’s endorsement shines a light on Scott James’s unwavering dedication to the heart of rural Colorado and his resolute support for the vibrant communities that call it home. 

As Mayor Lagrimanta said in his endorsement, “I got to know Scott when we worked together to defeat anti-energy Proposition 112. Scott has been a consistent voice for small towns. He helps people understand how rural Colorado differs from metropolitan areas – rural Colorado is for everyone! Scott has a voice for hard-working families and he understands the value of every individual. Scott has a care and passion very seldom seen and a kind of common sense that is needed more now in Congress than ever before.”

Their collaborative efforts, which successfully defeated anti-energy Proposition 112, stand as a testament to James’s advocacy for the region. Together, they exemplify the spirit of unity and the untapped potential found within small-town America.

Scott James, in response to Mayor Lagrimanta’s endorsement, said, “I am deeply grateful for Mayor Lagrimanta’s support and for his dedication to the values we share. It’s essential that rural Colorado has a strong advocate in Congress, and I’m committed to being that voice.”

Scott James’s campaign focuses on issues crucial to the 8th District, emphasizing his commitment to common-sense solutions and a deep understanding of the region’s unique needs.