Republican Scott James Hits Yadira Caraveo for Hypocritical Comments on New Trump Indictment

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – On Tuesday, the Biden administration’s special counsel, Jack Smith, formally announced an indictment against President Trump – the third such indictment against the former president by Democrat prosecutors. 

With no surprise to anyone, Democrats celebrated the fruits of their years-long crusade, and Yadira Caraveo was no different. The 8th District Democrat told Colorado Public Radio, “This is a country of laws. No person — no matter their title, their net worth, their last name, their job — no one in this country is above the law.” 

Oddly enough, Caraveo doesn’t seem to see the hypocrisy of her own statement as she ignores the ongoing investigations into Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s business that would have landed regular Coloradans in jail, or the sweetheart deal Hunter nearly received from his father’s Justice Department that would have made him immune to prosecution in the future, in perpetuity.

In response to Caraveo’s tone-deaf comments, Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District Scott James released the following statement: 

“I can think of one last name that certainly appears to be above the law: Biden. The people of Northern Colorado can see what’s going on in our country right now, and they deserve a representative in Congress who sees it, too.We have a two-tiered justice system, divided on politics. What they are doing to President Trump is a warning shot to the rest of us: stand up to the swamp, and this could be you next.”