Scott James Announces Campaign for United States Congress

Colorado’s 8th Congressional District separated by just 1,632 votes in 2022

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. — Scott James has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to enter the race for United States Congress in Colorado’s 8th District.

“I’m not a politician, but I have a servant’s heart. I’m just a guy who has been given a gift to communicate, find common ground, and a calling to serve. We must win in 2024 if we want to save our country,” James said.

“Our nation is at a precipice. As President Reagan said, it is a time for choosing. We either continue down the dangerous path we are on, or we return the focus to the aspirations and values of the people of Colorado. I want to represent the latter path,” James said.

“Today we live under an increasingly totalitarian state that wants to disrupt our families and dictate how we live our lives. We see evidence every day of a two-tiered justice system that gives special treatment to its friends while persecuting its opponents. We see crime on our streets, yet criminals are not prosecuted. We see parents excluded from their children’s lives in our education system. We see a failing mental and behavioral health system all the while addiction and homelessness reach new heights,” James added.

“Simply put, Joe Biden is a failure as our president. Who we send to represent us in Congress is a reflection of who we are. I am running for Congress because I believe in my fellow Coloradans,” James concluded.

About Scott James

Scott James is a fourth-generation Coloradan who grew up in LaSalle, the town his great grandfather and great-great-grandfather helped found. The eldest son of a single mom, Scott spent his formative years in the LaSalle Presbyterian Church, Boy Scout Troop 50, in a Valley Vikings Football jersey, and working on Weld County ranches and feedlots.

Scott dreamed of becoming an ag teacher when God interrupted his plans with a new calling. Forty years later, Scott has used his God-given talent as a communicator and public servant, becoming a well-known, award-winning radio personality whose voice has reached across Colorado. Most recently host of Scott & Sadie in the Morning on Big 97.9, James has delighted in entertaining and informing two generations of Coloradans and serving his community by volunteering tens of thousands of hours for worthy causes and helping raise over $2 million for local and national Charities.

Later in life, Scott was called to public service. A former councilman and Mayor in Johnstown, Scott currently serves as a second-term Weld County Commissioner where he helped keep Weld County debt-free with no county sales tax, held the line on property taxes, returned nearly $1 billion to Weld taxpayers, and stood his ground defending our freedom against unlawful orders, mandates, and lockdowns during COVID.

Scott, his wife, Julie, and son, Jack, reside in Johnstown, Colorado. A graduate of Northeastern Junior College, Aims Community College, and Colorado State University, Scott is active at Rez Church, serves on the Bright Futures Board of Directors, and passionately endeavors to shave a stroke or two off his double-digit golf handicap.