Scott James Announces First Round of Endorsements in Race for CO-08

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – It’s official! Weld County Commissioners Mike Freeman and Kevin Ross are proudly throwing their support behind their fellow commissioner, Scott James, as he seeks to represent the people of Colorado’s 8th Congressional District. As respected figures in local government who have spent years working with Scott, Commissioners Freeman and Ross’ endorsements remind voters of his dedication to fiscal responsibility and his tireless advocacy for the constituents he serves.

In a statement, Commissioner Freeman expressed his strong support of Scott , stating, “I have worked side-by-side with Scott since he was elected Weld County Commissioner in 2018, and Weld County residents have benefited from his thoughtful, persistent approach. We fought together against COVID mandates and lockdowns. Scott’s consistent work in transportation has helped attract hundreds of millions of dollars in investment on Weld County roads. He believes in keeping government small and budgets balanced. His non-stop efforts for Weld County citizens is why he was honored as ‘Commissioner of the Year’ by Colorado Counties, Incorporated. I am happy to endorse Scott James for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Meanwhile, Commissioner Ross echoed his full endorsement of Scott stating,  “Scott James is the right person for the 8th congressional district. He has consistently served the people in his district as Commissioner and he did the same as Mayor of Johnstown. Scott has worked tirelessly to secure funding towards I-25 improvements. I’ve worked with him for over a decade, and Scott James has been consistent in using data and metrics to find solutions to even the most difficult challenges.”

In response to today’s endorsements from Weld County Commissioners Mike Freeman and Kevin Ross, Scott James released the following statement: 

“I am honored to have the support of Commissioners Kevin Ross and Mike Freeman in my fight to bring small-town, commonsense solutions to Washington. Just as I have done over the last five years as a Weld County Commissioner, I hope to bring ideas and solutions that will balance our budget in Washington, curb spending, cut taxes, and bring much needed resources back to the district.” 

Their endorsements further reinforce Scott James’s track record of principled and effective leadership, particularly in times of crisis. As a staunch advocate for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget, James’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of Weld County and the broader district resonates with local leaders and residents alike. The public support of two of his fellow county commissioners is just the first round of endorsements Scott has received in the race to take on Yadira Caraveo in 2024.