Scott James Begins ‘Truck Talk’ Tour at a Dairy Farm

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. — In Scott James’ inaugural episode of “Truck Talk,” the Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District engaged in a candid conversation with Jim Docheff, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, to discuss issues that our politicians are ignoring from their constituents.

Docheff’s farm has felt the overwhelming effect of recent regulations on his family-run dairy farm, citing extensive paperwork and financial costs that are making it harder for Docheff and his family to run their family’s business. “Especially the last few years here, regulations have been overwhelming us, it’s been very burdensome. A lot of paperwork, and there’s a cost that comes with it,” Docheff said.

The government shutdown may not affect the income of politicians, with Docheff telling Scott James, “the government really scared me because once it shuts down, even though we’ve paid our premiums on programs, we won’t get our pay-due from the government, because everything’s shut down.”

“I’m really upset with Congress right now,” Docheff told Scott. “Just the whole government system, they’re not here for the people. And they really need to realize that we’re out here, they represent us, and we need to change that attitude.” It’s clear the consequences of government decisions are rarely felt by lawmakers, but everyday people like Docheff have to deal with them.

We need more common-sense lawmakers in Congress. Thankfully, Scott James is ready to give small town Coloradans like Jim Docheff a voice. As Scott noted, “a bureaucrat in Washington DC isn’t gonna tell a fourth-generation guy who has lived on the lake and managed the animals since time immemorial, they’re not going to tell you how to do you better than you. I think that Washington DC can learn a lot more from a dairy farmer than what a dairy farmer can learn from Washington DC.”

Jim Docheff wholeheartedly supports Scott James’ bid for Congress saying in part, “I really think it’s been official we get people like Scott back there. He’s concerned about our interests and our welfare, and he’s gonna help us do our job better with less government interference.”With less than 30 days until another potential government shutdown, Scott James’ series “Truck Talk” is geared towards giving a voice to Coloradans who are impacted by the dysfunction of Washington and whose voices deserve to be heard. Watch Scott’s full interview with Jim Docheff here.