Scott James Calls for Leadership in D.C. Amid War in Israel

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – As seen on television screens and phones across the globe, the world watched in horror as terrorists bombed Israel, killed women and children, and took hostages. Instead of being prepared to support its ally in a time of need, the United States was caught flat footed on the world stage. 

In a statement released Monday, Scott James, Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, called on House Republicans to “get their house in order.” 

“As the world watches Israeli men, women, and children being beaten, taken hostage, and murdered by terrorists, the United States needs to get our house in order so we can be there for our allies. Our standing in the world has sunk because we have a weak president in the White House and because a few Republicans joined Democrats in choosing chaos over the well-being of our nation,” James said in the statement. “It’s no secret that terrorists have lumped the U.S. and Israel together as public enemy #1. With Israel now at war, our borders left open to threats unknown and Russia and China closing in, I worry for our national security. This week, Republicans must get their house in order and back to work so we can support Israel, hold our enemies accountable, and protect our nation.”