Scott James Calls on D.C. to Pass a Budget and End the Shutdown Conversation

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. –  Right now, we are just days away from a government shutdown that will force Colorado families to make tough decisions amid an already challenging economic climate. 

With seniors, servicemen and women, and farmers impacted by the looming threats of shutdowns and continued resolutions, Scott James, Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District is calling on Republicans and Democrats to show leadership and pass a budget. 

“Everyday, folks in the small towns of Colorado create budgets to run their homes and businesses – and it should be no different for Congress,” Scott said in a statement. “As Mayor and Weld County Commissioner, I have worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass budgets, ensure our communities are debt free, and found ways to return nearly $1 billion to Weld County taxpayers. That’s why I am advocating for a little small town commonsense amid these negotiations, one that balances the budget and keeps the lights on. Our nation and our communities depend on it.” 

James’ record on passing budgets and putting his constituents first speaks for itself: 

  • As Mayor of Johnstown, James took the city from $13 million in debt when he first took office, and left office with a near $80 million surplus. 
  • As Weld County Commissioner, James worked with colleagues to keep the country debt-free while ensuring a county sales tax was not implemented. 
  • James also worked with his fellow commissioners to ensure Weld County property taxes were not increased and he worked to ensure nearly $1 billion in taxpayer dollars were returned to families in Weld County. 

With less than a week to go until a government shutdown, Congress should take a page out of Scott James’ record and pass a budget for Coloradans.