Scott James Praises Republican Leadership for Putting Coloradans First

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. –   We’d say in case you missed it, but in reality, everyone was waiting to see whether Sunday, October 1 would mark the beginning of a government shutdown.

In a move that shocked the country, Republican House leaders did what was once commonplace, but now thought impossible: they brought both sides of the aisle together and passed a continuing resolution to fund the government for 45 days and provided relief for so many Coloradans worried about the effects a shutdown would have on their families. 

For Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District, Scott James, it was a show of leadership that’s been sorely missing in Washington. In a statement released, James said the following: 

“Families in small towns across Colorado should never have been pawns in Washington’s political games, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed. In a show of leadership that is desperately needed in Washington, Speaker McCarthy brought our parties together, averted a shutdown, and protected our farmers, seniors, and servicemen. With less than 45 days until the current continuing resolution expires, I support House leadership’s efforts to pass a budget that will cut wasteful spending, secure our border, and fight for our country’s future. Anyone who calls themselves a Republican should have no problem supporting that mission.”