Scott James Takes ‘Truck Talk’ Back to School!

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – In Scott James’ third episode of “Truck Talk,” the Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District visited high school teacher Paul to discuss the importance of Education, and how Scott intends to break free of political lip service on the subject in Congress. 

Herman has noticed that today’s students come with unique challenges: “Kids are dealing with stuff that you and I didn’t have to deal with. Their families and parents are working multiple jobs. And so sometimes they have to grow up a lot quicker, and they’re dealing with social media and challenges that 16 and 17 year-olds shouldn’t have to, so they have a lot of weight on their shoulders. And you can see that stress in their activities and the outcomes that they have in the classroom because we’re dealing with things we didn’t.”

For Scott, he believes that fixing the economy and getting inflation under control can be the number one way he can support teachers and classrooms in Congress. “Number one thing I think I could do for teachers is help with monetary policy to drive that inflation down to make sure that your dollar is worth what it was a year, and two, and three years ago, we have to cut government spending and get those unnecessary expenditures down, get some of that inflated and printed money out of the system and get get us back to a regular monetary state,” Scott told Paul Herman. “So the best thing that I can do for, really all the economy nonetheless, teachers is to make sure that our governmental spending is under control.”

For Paul, he knows Scott cares about his family – and that’s why he believes in the Weld County Commissioner’s mission to change Washington. “I’ve known Scott for a long time in the small town of Johnstown every time I’ve ever seen him,” Paul said of Scott. “He’s got a big smile. He’s interested in what I’m doing. What my family is doing, my children. I think he is representative of the great State of Colorado Weld County. And not only that, I think he’s a great representative of what I need and what you need. Doesn’t matter. Small Town, Big Town, Big City. I think Scott’s an advocate for the American people.”

Scott James’ series “Truck Talk” takes viewers through small-town Northern Colorado, the places Scott believes Washington has forgotten. Watch Scott’s full interview with Paul here.