Scott James Takes ‘Truck Talk’ To The Gym!

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – In Scott James’ second episode of “Truck Talk,” the Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District engaged in a candid conversation with small business owner Trish Yost to discuss issues that our politicians are ignoring from their constituents.

Yost lamented, “Inflation most recently has made a big impact in the way that I’m able to take care of the people inside my building.”

Yost also notes that her gym has been burdened by  the excessive weight of regulations stating in part,  “I’ve had to hire somebody to make sure that I am in line with all of the different regulations, all of the new acts and laws that we have to abide by to make sure that I am in compliance. And so because it’s not my specialty, I hire somebody and as a small business owner, that’s less money that we’re able to bring into or back into our business and our people.” 

For Scott James, economic prosperity has always been a key factor of his service. “When I think of helping small businesses and helping people like Trish, it’s one of the very reasons why I want to run for Congress because I don’t believe your voice is represented there now,” Scott told Trish. “I believe the small town values that exist in the little community that has brought you and I together over the last 20 years are not reflected in the United States Congress – and they need to be.”

It’s this very reason why Yost is supporting Scott James’ campaign for Congress. “I must say that I have great confidence in you,” Yost said. “You and I have worked together on a business level on several occasions when you were mayor of our town as well as County Commissioner. I appreciate what you’ve done and I appreciate where your heart is for the people. And I will continue to support you as you go and represent small businesses in Congress.”

Scott James’ series “Truck Talk” is geared towards giving a voice to Coloradans who are impacted by the dysfunction of Washington and whose voices deserve to be heard. Watch Scott’s full interview with Trish Yost here.